Sermon by Rev William Doe Kugbeadjor, from the Living Spring District, in London UK.

Summary of the Sermon

If you remain in the Son, you remain in the Father.
Anyone who becomes close to Jesus will see their life transform; God will change you.
There is no peace or true joy outside Christ.
No matter your age, God can use you if you wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to Him.
When our relationship with God was distorted, it affected our relationships with each other. If you truly love God, you will also love the people around you.

There may be other ‘vines’, but Jesus is the one that you can depend on. If you depend on Christ, He will take you to places you can never take yourself.
God is calling you to bear fruit. He sees your potential and wants to see the best you can give Him.
God takes care of every branch that is providing fruit, but branches that take nutrients but provide nothing will be cut off.
Any time that we are cut off (live our lives apart from Christ) we wither, because we cannot receive the nutrients that the vine is providing.
Jesus is calling us to have an intimate relationship with Him, so that every aspect of our lives are influenced by Him.
We should strive to be constantly connected to the vine.

We cannot do what Jesus has done for us through our own strength. It must be done by the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit is enabling us daily. He is changing and transforming us, and making us more like Him.

There is no middle ground. Either you are in Christ, or you are outside Him.
We can only be in Christ if our attitude and lifestyle reflect that we are in Christ.
God is calling us to love one another with true love, not the love of the world.

We must cooperate with God in order to receive the nutrients He gives us.
In a relationship with God, when we cry out to Him, He will hear us.
The Devil and the world may oppose you or tempt you to do what is wrong, but it is important to maintain our connection with the vine and do what will please God.

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