I have three children (teenagers now). I remember I had always chosen my addiction over my children: my children had been living with my dad for roughly one year.
It was my daughter’s 11th birthday and I didn’t have so much as a birthday card for her. I could not go visit her because I was ashamed and felt guilty as I put my addiction before her birthday. I remember laying on my bed and swallowing over 100 paracetamol, 80 something Mirtazapine, some Seroquel and over 200 Tramadol tablets and on top of all this I had smoked heroin.
I remember crying out to God and asking for His forgiveness, and for Him to take me, because I hated my life and I hated the world I lived in. Shortly after a peace and warmth began to cover me.
My eyes were closed and I remember seeing a light going past me. Some hours later I woke up in hospital with a drip in each arm. I couldn’t walk. I was then tripping for four days afterwards. In fact I know in my heart I should have been dead.

But God extended His Hand of love and mercy to me. Little did I know that God had a purpose for my future which is in Him. I thank God for answering my prayer. He has taken me from the existence I was once in, from the world I hated, to His marvelous kingdom. I now walk with Him, live in Him, for I am a child of the Light.

I have tasted the world and there is nothing for me there. I was in drug addiction for 27 Years and involved in pretty much everything that comes with it.
The LORD set me free! I have tasted what is good and I want more. Keep looking forward and upward keep pressing forward and upward, its dangerous for anyone to stay in one place in Christ for we will only drift away. I know outside the Kingdom of God I have nowhere to go in fact I don’t want to go anywhere else.

As God’s children we should remain in His presence for people to see Christ in us and be drawn to His Spirit. To love one another and for us to love the unlovable. For people to want what we have in Christ, our relationship with our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus is of utmost importance.
The more we know about God or come to know God the more we realize that there is even much more to know.

Kirsty Henderson, From Glasgow, United Kingdom


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  1. Stella Amony

    Our God created us for a purpose… s

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