Montell Fish – Heavenly Father

✞ Lyrics:
Heavenly father (x4)
It’s no secret, I cannot keep it to myself
God been to good to me (x2)
I was lost, but the cross had saw me
In the dark, where the creatures crawling
Been deceived, by pornography
And everything that tried to watch me
But You redeemed
And made me clean
And I am free 
To those that’s watching 
It was God it wasn’t me
And there is hope if you’re still watching (pornography)
He can break any chain
He can take any pain
He make You a saint 
And use your dirt
For His praise
By His grace 
I am changed
By His grace
I am saved
The simple fact
It’s another day
Is a simple fact
That He made a way for us

Heavenly Father (x4)

I made this song
For anybody
Who feel alone
Who feel like“I give up”
Done moved on
He’s still good
He’s still God
And His grace
Is still strong
Don’t you wait
Another moment
Just run to Him
And run home
What you got to waste?
What you go to lose?
Win or lose?
You’re losing
I can find
My joy
In the lord
I’m choosing
This day, whom I serve
Praising You in my word
Praising You 
Know it’s absurd
But I gotta serve the one that made me

Heavenly Father (x4)

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