Having a goal a purpose in life is essential to live. Living a life that is without purpose is basically living like a zombie(no plans, no motivation, only thought is to feed). We need something to drive us, move us, to motivate us.
Even more so as Children of God we must have purposes and goals, as far as we live on this Earth.

The first purpose we have is to remain in Christ and His basic message1 John 2:24-25 / Genesis 1:28.
That is paramount to the Christian. We have to drill in our spirit, the basic message of Christ and live like He did. Never stray away from it. The is just waiting for you right outside of Christ.

Having time with God is essential for all Christians. It can be achieved through prayer and being knowledgeable of the Bible. The Bible says that we should pray without seizing. The purpose in our lives can be achieved only if we actually have time with God and meditate upon His Word.

As Children of God, we have power as the Spirit of God lives in us. This means that we have to be bold and overcome timidity. This is all part of living a purposeful life. Do not let the your insecurities stop you from achieving your goals.

Living a purposeful life includes having responsibilities and fulfilling them. Set in your mind to do something and be accountable to God. Do not make goals that are too hard to achieve for yourself, but focus on the ones that you are confident about achieving through Gods grace and hard work.

Having knowledge of what we want to do is essential for living a purposeful life. Others cannot choose the right paths for our lives, therefore we must have a clear idea of what we want to achieve. Get involved in projects, whatever comes your way, try and do it. You never know what opportunity might come out of it and how much it will help and accomplishing aspirations.

Planning, managing time and making use of opportunities are skills of a believer who lives a purposeful life. Use your time very wisely, for everybody has 24 hours a day at their disposal. The difference between a purposeful person and a time-waster is the way to schedule their 24 hours.

Again Discipline is what is required to be kept in check. With discipline, we are able to follow our plans and even make better changes. If you lack discipline, pray for God to help you out. He is merciful and will answer your prayer.

Building relationships is important for our purposes. No matter what you do you cannot live as an island. Even Jesus had people he related to. To even go further we can see that The Holy Trinity is not a single person.
Be very wise on who you hang around with though. These people should be able to motivate us and correct our mistakes. Both romantic and platonic relationships should be prayed about and they should strengthen you in your purposeful life.

Living a purposeful life involves both old and young generations, do not think you are too young or too old to achieve your goals. Even at a very old age, the apostles where still doing great things for Christ. On the flip-side, we can see many young people doing wonderful works for God (David, Samuel, Josiah) Your life should affect yourself and those around you. A legacy for all to remember should be left behind.

Finally remember that your goals and purposes are strictly tied to the will of God. Whatever you plan to do has to be approved by God, for it to work in a way that pleases Him. There is nothing better than when God smiles at the plans and works you do, you can be sure that they will come to past. So always seek Him before you make a move, and you will never regret it. (1 John 5:14-15)

God bless you for reading, I pray it nourishes you as it has nourished me.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.


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