Your Personal Journey

People at times fail to understand your journey or purpose in life. That is fine, since it is your own personal journey.
As far as you know what God has in store for you, you should never back down from your destiny.

Have faith in God, and be always grateful for how far He has brought you.

God’s Word is living and active: as far as we followers of Christ are concerned that is the only true way to success, according to Gods will.

Therefore align yourself with Gods will and you will see so many glorious and humbling things happen in your life. Don’t let the lies of Satan keep you chained to your past. You are a new creation: freed by the sacrifice of Jesus. Your sins are truly forgiven and forgotten.

With that in mind, be sure that there is no obstacle in your path/destiny that cannot be overcome by Gods omnipotent will.

Have a blessed day.

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