Be Humble as to not Stumble

Many great men and women of God having falling off the righteous path because of pride.

Even angels like Lucifer fell into darkness because of pride.

The reason why they fall is because they take the Glory the belongs to God and place it on themselves.

Gods glory cannot be contained by any other person. It is just too heavy.

Reason why we must worship Him constantly in all we do: “Give back to Him His glory”

As love covers a multitude of Sins, pride can lead to a multitude of Sins.

God constantly humbles us, so we do not lose our faith to our pride.

Stay humble, whatever you are or have achieved in life is through Gods love and grace upon your life.

Walk in humility from today so you will not stumble into darkness.

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  1. John Bockman

    John Bockman

    It’s a fine line we walk between the brilliance of His light, and darkness.

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