Simple steps to Increase your Faith

A few months ago a sister asked me how to increase her faith.

This is the answer I gave her:

Faith is increased by receiving the Word of God.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Romans 10:17

I would strongly advice you to make it a habit to read the bible every day. Try to get a reading plan if it helps.

We have a daily Bible Reading plan you can follow. This is the link

Another important aspect is to pray always.
Example: Before you go out from home, ask the Lord to take you safely to wherever you are going. When you get to your destination, thank God for letting you have a safe journey. When a friend comes in mind pray for him/her and so on.

Do not wait only for special moments to pray: pray whenever you can, even if for 30 seconds. Live a life of prayer.
In this way you exercise the faith you gain through reading Gods word.

Regarding fasting. Try and fast at least once a week, whichever day you prefer. You can start by fasting to 12 pm, then slowly increasing as the week passes it to 3 pm then 6 pm.
But the most important thing​ is that you make it a habit.

When you are fasting, try and be alone if you can, sing songs, pray, read the word, and meditate on it. In any order you prefer. One reason to fast is to dampen your flesh so your Spirit will be more receptive to God.

Remember these are not the only things you can do increase your faith in Christ: There are fellowship, service, communion and many other things as well. Even so it is a very good way to start and the Lord will direct your to the other things.

Always remember though that God Himself is the one that increases your faith, all those other activities serve to draw your closer to God, so He can increase your faith in Him.

Stay blessed and have

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