An Opportunity to Spread the Gospel

Have you ever wanted to tell someone that Jesus Loves them, but have been feeling too shy or reluctant to do so?

To be honest with you, not everyone has the same courage and eloquence to share the gospel.

We have great evangelist who boldly stand in the streets and proclaim the life, death and resurrection of our Lord, without batting an eye.

Regardless of how eloquent or shy someone is, the bible calls us to make disciples of all nations, and this commission is not only exclusive to the extroverts, or bold people.

So how can introverts, or busy people, have to opportunity or chance to share the gospel?

Well it all boils down to making the most out of what God has given you, in terms or perks and talents.

An example can be a clerk working at a bank, who can simply greet their customers with a “God bless You”. These three words can ignite something inside a persons soul, and that can lead into that persons salvation, through the Power of the Holy Ghost.

So do not belittle yourself, or take for granted the position you have in society. You may not be as eloquent or courageous as the greatest evangelists of our times. But you can still make a huge impact in peoples lives in your own way.

I would encourage each and everyone of us, to carefully and prayerfully consider which means we can use to Spread the Gospel. Then pray about it and seek Gods help to accomplish it.

In regards to that, I would like to announce that “loveofYHWH” has now an official T-Shirt that can be used to evangelize to people.

It comes in white, for now, and based on the demand I will consider branching into different styles and colours.

Kindly consider grabbing one for yourself or for your loved ones. Every Penny/Cent will be used to reach out more people withe the Gospel and help more people in need


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