Child of God, you are never alone. At the mere mention of Jesus’ name, demon tremble and angels are put to flight. If you are searching for an answer to a big problem today, look no farther. You serve a big God who is ready to help you move heaven and earth at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is ask!

Did you make a mistake and now you can’t forgive yourself? Have wrong choices strained your life? Ask God’s forgiveness and experience His amazing Grace! Then, forgive yourself. Live, love, laugh and be happy! God is a God of new beginnings. Stop letting your past haunt you or dictate your future. Your future is unlimited by the grace of God!

Are you being held hostage by the unreasonable demands and opinions of others? Don’t let someone send you on a guilt trip when you are following the will of God. Once you get on that ride, it’s hard to get off. You cannot please everyone all the time. That’s just a fact. Every family, church or group of friends has people I like to call “grace killers.” Don’t let them decide what happens in your life. Consult God. He already has a plan in place for you. Dream your dream and achieve it with God no matter what others may say!


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