Period of Wilderness

Every Christian will have to go through a period of “Wilderness”.

A period where God prepares you for something greater, by letting you go through tough times.

Looking through the bible, we can find many examples:

  • Joseph had to go through slavery, before he became a prime minister. (Genesis 37)
  • David had to live in cold and dirty caves before He was officially crowned a king. (1 Samuel 16)
  • Even Jesus had to live a life of Sacrifice, before He was exalted as our High Priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek. (Book of John)

One thing you can see in common with these people is that God had plans for them even before they were born.

And no matter how tough the situation was God still carried them through.

You are not so different from these people, you are Gods precious child and every parent has good plans for their children.

Do not despair in this periods of Wilderness: do not lose hope. It is not going to last forever.
Also no matter how bad it gets, God is not going to leave your soul to be destroyed by it. (See the Book of Job)

By going through it, your faith grows stronger.
As you faith grows stronger, you get closer to God.
When you draw nearer to God you will prosper.

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