God works with Time

We have to remember how God works with time; each of us have a plan mapped out for us, but they won’t all be the same. Don’t compare your “timetable” to others; it will result in insecurity.

We also need to be aware of time. Certain things are appropriate at certain points; we need to try and gauge what is suitable to do at which time.

There are times when we may be confused or frustrated as to why God does not seem to be responding or doing anything. The answer is often that the time is not right.

We can see that prominent examples such as David, John the Baptist and even Jesus Himself struggled with this.

Even when you have sown all the seeds, the time must fall into the place. You have to be patient, because only God Himself knows when the time is right.

We have to understand that He knows better. He is transcendent of us and as such we cannot always understand Him, so we have to trust Him.

If you are feeling abandoned by God, do not give up on God or yourself. He is faithful.

Pray to God to give you grace and patience, and seek encouragement from family, officers and friends. It is easy to give up, so ensure that you have support and are not alone.

Cultivate resilience within the Lord. Develop the kind of spiritual strength that enables you to rely on God and His promises through difficult times.

In difficult times, it is harder to control yourself. Be wary – pray for grace, because the Devil may cause discord around you to tempt you into anger or unkindness.

Learn how to praise and worship the Lord even in difficult times.

For The difficult times are always temporary.

Stay Blessed and have a wonderful day.

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