A Reflective Piece | Poem by Stacey from With Wise Words

How sad it will be on that day
To find that all we have done was waste
Nothing of worth
Nothing of meaning

How sad it will be on that day
To find that all the songs we sang
Thinking that we were lifting sweet praises to him
Was nothing but noises in his ears
And the worship we did so perfectly,
Pleased him not.

How sad it will be on that day
To find that the sacrifices we supposedly made
For his sake, was not for him
But instead we have indulge in our flesh
And enjoyed in the darkness of this world

How sad it will be on that day
To find that the love and our heart we thought was God’s alone
Belonged to another.
That we were nothing but prostitutes and adulteress,
Who cannot be loyal or faithful to one man.

How sad it will be on that day
When we have gathered before his throne
To receive a crown of glory
To be told that we have no reward in heaven
Because we have laid treasures on earth.

How sad it will be on that day
Unable to embrace the father
Because of the sins that we continued to do
Because of over reliance on his grace and mercy
And so we served him half heartedly

How sad it will be on that day
To see that our hands did no good work
That the purpose which God created us was left unfulfilled
Not just yours, but the souls who needed you to live faithfully,
In righteousness and in Purity

I fear this day,
For me and for you

Although the year maybe ending but there is much more to be done.
Let our hearts, minds and body submit completely to him and in him and with him

Let our hands be ready for his work which he has called us to do
And our feet be ready to follow in his guidance.

Let us be careful to follow love him sincerely
For when we love him sincerely
We will obey him completely

Let’s us value our walk in Christ
Let’s us value the days we have left
Let us not let our lives lay to waste
Even waste is recycled and made into something of good use.
So even if we see our lives as waste and the time we have spent so far as wasted,
I am here to remind you that it can still be recycled.

Poem written by Stacey – With Wise Words

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