Jesus has won already

The Christian walk is not an easy walk. Jesus Christ never promised us that this journey will be easy.

He warns us many times that we will be persecuted and abandoned for our faith.

Even the closest people in our lives might leave us, when we decide to follow Christ.

But in all this Jesus still calls us to be loving and faithful. To love our enemies and those who persecute us.

He did the same when He walked on earth in human flesh. He took all the pain and sorrow that comes with living a Holy life in an unholy world.

See, this world is not our home, so no matter what we do, we will inevitably be going against the grain.

Jesus Christ knew this already when He left us here, that is why He first of all sent the Holy Spirit to come and guide and comfort us.

For that reason we need to develop a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit, to make it through these dark times.

Even so, Jesus did say that no matter how bad things will get, He has overcome the world. He has won the victory.

So we are not fighting a battle hoping or praying for victory.

We are fighting a battle that we have already won!

Nothing or nobody can change this truth!

All we have to do is just keep our faith in Him strong and endure the race until the end. And our reward will surpass any pain and struggle we had to go through on this earth.

So let us stay strong my brothers and sisters in Christ, for He himself is our victory.

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