Keep on Walking in the Light

Keep up the good work!

Keep on walking this straight and narrow path faithfully. Keep on Walking in the Light, do not give way for darkness to cloud your path.

Even though you might have stumbled once or twice, you have repented and your sins have been therefore forgiven.

Do not dwell in the bitterness of your past sins. Let the sweet blood of Jesus wash away the bitter aftertaste of your sins.

You are not of the world, you have been bought with a heavy price. You are Gods heir, Gods beloved child.

Regardless of how you feel, or even what people tell you: you are still Gods child.

There is no sin that is too big for Him to forgive and there is no mistake that He cannot fix.

Do not listen to the demoralizing voice of the devil: He has no say in your life. It is the Living Word of God that determines your outcome.

Study it, Meditate on it and Live it and through the help and counsel of the Holy Spirit you will keep on walking this straight and narrow path, faithfully.

Stay Blessed, and have a fruitful day.

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