Gods Provisions for His Children

God has made provisions available to us as children of God in order to live an extraordinary life.

Our salvation is meant to lead us to a glorious life and is what separates us from the rest of the world.

For we are victors through Christ.

Also We are protected from the enemy(Satan) due this same provision that God has given to us through the salvation we didn’t earn.

Jesus said he won’t leave us as orphans and so left us these provisions to help us in our everyday life.

God has deposited a special power in the gospel (Romans 1:16) that’s capable of providing us with these provisions which can develop us in our christian life.

God works with anyone regardless their age, riches, status.

It’s about availing ourselves and using these provisions that the Lord  has left us.

We absolutely cannot just keep it to ourselves, for we are “the salt of the world” and we cannot afford to lose our saltiness.

To maintain our “saltiness” we need to exhibit these provisions in our daily lives, transforming ourselves and others around us.

With that in mind lets us go out there and show the World what God has done for us, through our testimonies, and what He can do for the world as well.

For God wishes everyone in the world to be saved, as far as they are willing.



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