Revival needs two things:
A person
And the Holy Spirit

Revival does two things:
And transformation.

So revival comes when a person says they are ready.

Ready to submit their life, heart, ways, hopes and time completely to God.

Ready to renew their minds
So that all thoughts are heavenly bound rather than earthly based

Ready to be a continuous sacrifice that burns daily on God’s altar.

Ready to lift up their hands in praise
And their heads bowed in worship.

Ready to be strip of their identity
And to take on God’s identity.

Ready to act at a moment notice when the Lord speaks,
Like Samuel
And to obey even if it means prosecution.
Like Paul

Ready to look like a fool to the wise
And not to complain or be upset.

Ready to show love and care for others,
Those deemed unlovable and beyond redemption.

Ready to fight for lost souls that are perishing daily in the world.

Ready to be a carrier of God’s presence in the mist of people
Who deny his existence.
Who prefer to stay in the dark than have their sins exposed by the light.
John 3:19-21

Ready to humble themselves and put aside bitterness and rivalry
To be joint to the body of Christ
And become like a great army marching to possess nations.

Revival is not bought at a price to the highest bidder
But it is a free gift given to the meekest spirit.

Revival is found in two places:
In God’s word
And in prayer.

Revival waits for you to find him.
He does not play hide and seek,
Like children in a playground.

But he is easy to find if you love God’s word and you love to pray.

With Wise Words


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