As Christians it is important that we are very sure of our faith and not just blindly follow what we believe.

That is why God calls us to study His word, so we can find His truth in it.

In the video above we will explore Christianity in a logical way to find out why we believe in what we believe.

The video is divided into 4 Questions:

1. Does truth Exist?

Some people claim that truth is not objective, meaning: what I believe to be true does not necessarily mean it is true for another person. So truth is subjective. Or in another way, truth does not exist.

Lets take religion as an example: apart from Christianity, we have many other religions that claim to be the only way to salvation(or enlightenment).

We find ourselves in a society where different religions, ideas or even cultures merge together. So out of fear that these cultural and religious mix might bring conflict, the idea that all religions are the same and all of them are true(at least for those who believe in that religion) is being pushed by our schools and by the media. So according to them there is no such thing as an objective truth.

The matter of fact is that if you want to claim that truth does not exist, and you believe that what you say is true, then you are inevitably proving that truth exists. So the statement that truth does not exist is self-defeating.

Truth does exist, so there can be only one true religion that draws us near to God.

2. Does God Exist?

The scientific world is starting to believe that the space, matter and time came out of nothing. Because they cannot find tangible proof of how the universe was created.

Knowing that the universe is composed of space, matter and time, whatever created the universe had to be bigger than space, matter and time, to be able to create the universe.

Whatever is bigger than space, matter and time, has the power to create something out of nothing.

So YES, God does exist, because without a Greater Being, the universe could have never been created out of nothing.

3. Are miracles possible?

Based on the previous answer we can answer this question with a straight YES.

Miracles are possible, because even the way the universe was created was miraculous.

God just spoke and the universe came into existence.

So if a God so powerful can create the universe, why can’t He part the Red sea or send manna and quail from heaven, or even resurrect Jesus Christ from the dead.

4. Is the New Testament reliable enough to show that Jesus rose from the dead?

The new testament, although inspired by God was still written by human beings. The vast majority of these men were Jewish people.

In Jewish tradition you could get killed for telling people that Jesus was God. But these men who although knowing their lives were at risk still continued to preach the Gospel and even write books of the bible, to share with the world.

The reason they did that was because they were 100% sure that Jesus resurrected from the dead, and they actually saw Him die and then rise up from the dead with their own eyes. And not only them but hundreds of people saw Jesus after He resurrected.

So YES, the New Testament is truly reliable when it comes to proving that resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Final Remarks

God bless you for taking your time to read this. If you have any questions or want to discuss what we have read, please free to ask the questions in the comment section below.

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