When Jesus was preaching to the 5000 at a certain point He noticed that many of them were hungry, since they have been hearing His message for a while.

Instead of telling them to go home and go eat something and come the next day He told His disciples that the people do not need to go away from Him. (Matthew 14:16)

That is the same lesson we can take for ourselves.

When we are going through very hard times, it is tempting to just go away from Jesus and seek for a solution elsewhere.

Even when we are tempted, we might think that our thoughts are even too dirty for us to go and ask Christ for help. But we should not forget that it is God’s grace that saved us, not our self-righteousness. We were called to follow Him while we were in our sin, not because we purified ourselves and elevated ourselves by our own strength to deserve the forgiveness that God gave us.

So do not fear or let the devil convince you to look for another solution apart from Christ.

To be really honest, there is no other place we can go apart from staying with Jesus. Other places may offer you a temporary solution, but with a great cost, while Jesus’s grace is free.

So stand firm and draw nearer to Christ the worse the situation gets and trust me He will never let you down, either in this life of the next one.


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