Simultaneous Real Live Worship by the WorshipMob –
Christ-purchased Identity, Unity, & Freedom
Alpha & Omega written by Erasmus Mutambira & Israel Houghton
God You’re So Good portion from the traditional hymn
He is Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End – by Osby Berry (spont.)
He’s the Author & Finisher of our Faith – by Osby Berry (spont.)
Praise the Name of Jesus spontaneous portion by Roy Hicks Jr.
Here I am to Worship spontaneous portion by Tim Hughes
Majesty spontaneous portion by T.D. Jakes
There’s Something About That Name spont. portion by the Gaithers
There is None Like You spontaneous portion by Michael W. Smith
Cornerstone: Edward Mote, Eric Liljero, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan
Good Good Father spontaneous portion by Pat Barrett & Tony Brown
Agnus Dei spontaneous portion by Michael W. Smith

Life: Father, Jesus, & Holy Spirit
Ministry & Prayer: Devin Christensen, Larissa Mulholland, many more
Audio Production: Jesse Bergeron
Video Production: Jesse Bergeron & Dezerae Buford
Executive Producer: Sean Mulholland
Camera artists: Richard Seldomridge, Dezerae Buford, Ben Wamberg, Daniel Lamb, Melinda Martin, Jeremy Mueller, Lori Higgins, Lauren Schultz, & Rachel Lamb
Dancers: Jason Mobley, Vianna Mulholland, & Katrina Smith
Vocalists: Osby Berry, Troy Culbreth, D’Marcus Howard, Colette Beard, Qirsten Carter, & Erica Bostick
Electric Guitar: Carson Smith, Dallas Bernard
Piano/Pads: Joe Roche
Thanks & love to all others that gave of their time & assistance

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