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Jesus’ Work is Sufficient – Geoff Thomas

What you’ve done or haven’t done, what you’ve achieved or what you’ve failed at, is irrelevant in terms of being reconciled to God. All that’s relevant is what the Lamb of God did on the cross Continue reading “Jesus’ Work is Sufficient – Geoff Thomas”

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Holiness Within

Holiness starts on the inside, not the outside! Jesus came to redeem you. There is not anything you have done or anywhere you have been that He can’t pull you out of.

There is a wealth of treasure on the inside of you. Believe in who God created you to be! If you knew how BIG the blessing was, then the battle would not bother you so much.

Don’t lower yourself to a level you don’t belong! No one or nothing is worth forfeiting your destiny.

Have a blessed day!

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Walk on water

Shake off every negative thing that is trying to weigh you down. I declare the peace of God over you right now!
Hang around dreamers and not doubters.(1 Samuel 17:32-37)

Don’t forget that Prayer changes things…
it changes you…
it moves mountains…
it brings the will of God to pass…
it opens up the heavens…
it releases God’s promises…
and it keeps you grateful and humble.

Stop worrying over what people will think and follow what God has put in your heart.
God is making a way for you that no man, devil or hater can stop!

Besides when you decide to walk on the water, you have to drown out the noise of those still sitting in the boat.

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Does Your Work Matter to God? How One Woman Integrates Her Faith Into Work

If “our output to the world is our work,” does your work reflect God? Meet Kimberly. She builds and restores homes in Austin, Texas. She is driven by her belief that Christians have a “responsibility toward excellence.” Watch as she demonstrates how your secular work can become a very real reflection of your faith in God and a way to honor Him in the world. Continue reading “Does Your Work Matter to God? How One Woman Integrates Her Faith Into Work”