[Verse 1: Christon Gray]
Let me talk about the one
Who taught me how to love
I saw him on the water
He was bidding me to come

With every step I hesitate
And my faith ran(?) away
(You’re) everything I need
I’m never letting go
You’re right next to me
So take the lead

[Chorus: Christon Gray]
Oh Lord
I follow you through the darkness
Will you take away my fear
I will follow you when the sun shines
And the shadow is drawing near
Down the long and winding road
You’ll always lead me home

[Verse 2: Christon Gray]
If the water looks too deep
And the desert looks too dry
He said
Tell me why you’re
Walking when I taught you how to fly

With every step I take
I feel the weight go away
I couldn’t even see
When I didn’t think of you
You thought of me
So take the lead


[Verse 3: Christon Gray]
When I turn away
Starting to change
You still remain unshakable
Calling my name
To come in from the rain
You’ll be okay

I follow you through the darkness
As you took away my fear
I’ll follow you in the valley
As you wipe away my ears
I follow you when the sun shines
And the cloud have disappeared
It’s been a long and winding road
Thank you, for bringing me home. (3x)
Thank you


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