✞ Lyrics:
Holy vibes,
Ain’t nothin on my mind
I’m just going for a ride
I’m just flowing on these
Holy vibes
Since God is on my side
I can take it all in stride
Flowing on these

Verse 1:
I think I messed up like once, wait
Maybe more like twice, wait
I guess I can’t even count all the times that I needed mercy in my life
Oh Lord, that’s right
Never gonna win that fight
Everybody wanna know where the key is never wanna fly that kite, Yikes
I ain’t out to cast shade, I ain’t ever been that way
I’m just here to point to the way, that a sure thing MJ with the fade
Every waveform, got a wavelength
That’s a Holy vibe tribe got the same strength
Church one body then we got the same length
If you got a lotta problems who you think needs to change, dang


Verse 2:
If you gotta good girl gotta go and get the ring,
If you second guessing man I did the same thing
Gotta pray everyday others girls out the way
Let Him prove to ya that she’s the girl of ya dreams,
And I recommend staying celibate
Wait, a rapper just said celibate?
I know the concept ain’t popular but the opposite leads to regret
Don’t fret, I ain’t gonna preach much more
But I kicked weed out the door, still plant seeds everywhere that I go
This a Holy vibe so I know you feel the flow
Reap what you sow, so what you reap
Tattooed faith wear it on my sleeve
Was a golden boy turned dope fiend
Just ride with me and flow up on these…

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Just come as you are, and catch a holy vibe
Just come as you are, the Fathers waiting for you, the Fathers waiting for you, the Fathers waiting on you!

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