Jericho – WorshipMob (by Ryan Griffith, Aaron Boyd, & Jamie Schmidt)
Simultaneous Real Live Worship by the WorshipMob
Christ-purchased Identity, Unity, & Freedom

Father, Son, & Holy Spirit
Prayer & Ministry Support: Devin Christensen, Larissa Mulholland, & many more
Audio Production: Jesse Bergeron & Sean Mulholland
Video Production: Richard Seldomridge
Camera artists: Dezerae Buford, Erin Darling, Wayne King, Alyssa Sanders, Rachel Lamb, Devin Christensen, & Richard Seldomridge
Vocalists: Aaron Boyd, Jamie Schmidt, Ben Wamberg, Gina Milne, & Andy Garcia
Electric Guitar: Seth Enos, Jesse Bergeron
Piano: Claudia Martinez
Bass: Sean Mulholland
Drums: Jarrod Gipson
Programming & Effects: Daniel Lamb
Thank you to all others that gave of their time & assistance!

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