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  • Mr.

    I applied for a job through the email and hope to get good news about this week. Also for need to put God first in my life so much.

  • mnr

    help me to understand the bible


    Greetings.Please, join me in prayer.
    1.Supernatural suppy of money to pay all my debt.And supply of money to pay for our church hall.
    2.Marital breakthrough.God give me a virtous and prudent lady to be my wife now.A lady that compliment God's work in my hand.
    3.Open doors for me and my ministry to plant more churches to disciples new believers.
    4.God send more kingdom labourersto me.And destiny helpers.Sponsors.
    Thank you.

  • mrs

    I pray that god will provide a way for me and my family having a lot of family issues. and I'm weak at this moment in time.i pray that our heavingley father will guide me and show me the way .plz keep my son in your prayers plz.so that he will get good news at the end of the week god bless



    I Declare God’s extraordinary blessings over my life.

    I Declare I walk with God and have complete faith in is word,

    I Declare , each day I give thanks for his love and do his bidding as he guides me.

    I Declare , that I will see many good doors of opportunities open for me and will not let fear control me.

    I Declare and give thanks that God’s favour through him and his loving family surrounds me like a shield, it elevates me, and gives we strength to go beyond my dreams.

    I Declare to Choose to Love, Gods Love over all and will demonstrate this through the gifts he has provided me with.


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We believe that when Gods people gather together to pray, according to Gods will, great things happen.
  • Please write down your prayer requests below so we can all pray together.
  • Also please do not forget to help others to pray.

God loves when His children intercede for each other.


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