• Healing

    All I want is to glorify God and do his work which I did for many years until a doctor got me addicted to pain meds. Now, Im to sick and depressed to do anything. I know I should be grateful for my life but the pain is so bad, I can't bare it. I pray for healing, peace, strength and hope.The Lords will be done. Glory to God.

  • A very dear friend of mine

    So a really good friend of mine who i love very much us going thru some troubling times he is in jail right now being charged for a murder he did not do he honestly didn't I've known this man my whole life and i know he would never do what they are accusing him of doing his public defender isn't doing anything to fight for his innocence he got denied for a new one and he just needs all the prayers he is keeping his faith in the Lord knowing god will see him thru this

  • Prayers for studies

    Hi friends..
    My loved one has finished his physical test for get teacher's course.. Please pray for him .. I hope he will get tht course ..
    I going to sit my last secondary exam this November.. Pray for me too ..
    Thanks in advance..
    Holy Lord, Thank You for grace. Please help me move beyond the hurdles that trip me up and give me the strength and wisdom to look up and see the hope I run toward in Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  • Andrea

    I would like that pray us for Andrea a children that his sick foot . But we believe in the power of prayer.

  • love for my son

    many, way to many times ive failed my son.time goes by so fast, ive missed out on so much of his life. i miss him,he is so handsome and special. my son is incarcerated for something he didnt do. a very understandable mistake, but a mistake. would you please pray for him. please. my sons mother

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