A Sermon by Elder Joe Adomako, who was a guest at JubileePIWC in London, UK.

In this sermon he emphasizes the importance of the Holy Spirit a Christians life.

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God had a plan – That one day He would send His Only Begotten Son to redeem us form condemnation

Jesus came to earth, born of a woman and was of Flesh just like we are, and preached the message of Salvation

Jesus impacted lives, healed the sick and raised the dead.

After the last supper the disciples were very sad but then He gave them a message of assurance and told them that He would send them a comforter – The Holy Spirit.

Jesus was crucified and the disciples went into hiding.

Jesus resurrected and revealed Himself to the disciples and told them not to leave Jerusalem until they had received the Holy Spirit

Being a Christian, you cannot fully function without the the Holy Spirit being in you, Jesus Himself had to work and did so fully only through the power of the Holy Spirit

  • When we yield to the Holy Spirit;
  • We see a transformation in our lives, that old self disappears and we become completely new beings. Peter was so transformed by the Holy Spirit that his first message preached saved about 3000 souls.
  • We see a transformation in our character. When disciples were filled with Spirit they begun operating in Unity, Love, and Patience. Yes, there were miracles being worked but what won people over was also the character of the disciples.
  • We get a better understanding of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit reveals the mind of God to us in His Word, giving us a better understanding.
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Read the Word of God, daily.
It gives us a ground to have meaningful and powerful prayers.


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