In the midst of your storm, when you are being beaten and crushed and you feel alone, look up! God is with you in your storm, for He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. When the world turns it back on you, do not be disheartened because God will always be with you and on your side!

Are you dependent or desperate for God? If you are desperate, you only look to God and run to Him in times of crisis, when He’s your last option. If you’re dependent on Him, you rely on Him for all things, in good times and in bad times. Be dependent on Him, and know that He will not allow the righteous to stumble!

When you are ever in need of God, He won’t send a messenger with a well written letter for you. God shows up and solves your problem!

If you’re in a storm, trust God for the winds and the seas obey Him. if you’re in need, trust Him because He has promised that you shall not want. If you’re under attack, trust Him because He has given his angels charge over you. God is a burden breaker and a heart mender. He’ll do all of that for you if you’ll just trust in Him!


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